The Gospel & Contemporary Culture

Never in our lifetimes has Christianity in America suffered more direct attacks than we face currently.  Everywhere we turn, the new “woke” orthodoxy contradicts and seeks to silence biblical teaching and morality. Too often, however, Christians meet these attacks by responding in kind with ugly words on social media or pressing for political solutions to the crises with which we are faced. 

What is really needed in the light of the challenges Christians face from the contemporary culture is a Gospel-centered approach that recognizes the reality of sin in those on all sides of these issues, a recognition that Christ and His Word provide the basis for understanding what we should believe about these matters, and an emphasis on loving our neighbors, including our enemies. 

The spring adult Sunday School course will deal with a series of contemporary issues, beginning with cultural challenges like socialism, racism, critical theory, gender matters, and the environment and continuing on to deal with personal challenges such as pornography, technology, social and mass media, health, and the problems associated with aging.  Join us as we seek to apply the recent messages on the Doctrine of Scripture and the Doctrine of Man to these challenges to Christianity in contemporary society.

Note: This course ran from April 11 – July 4, 2021 and the teaching responsibilities were shared amongst the elders. Due to the sensitivity of the topics addressed, we did not make the recordings of these classes public. If you would like to benefit from these classes though the course is now over, please contact the church secretary.