Sermon Series

Below are all of Pastor Matt Foreman’s sermon series, listed chronologically beginning with the most recent.  Click on any of the links below to find a list of all the sermons within each series.

Current: “Daniel: Hope in a Hostile World.

Ongoing: “1 John: Living As Children of God” by Pastor Tom Wisneski

Spring 2019-Spring 2022: “The Gospel of Matthew: Good News of the Promised King.”

Fall 2021, Mini Series: “The Priority of Church Life.

Winter 2021, Mini Series: “The Doctrine of the Word.”

Winter 2021, Mini Series: “The Doctrine of Man.”

Winter 2019: “Foundations for Men and Women of God.”

Spring-Winter 2018: “Hebrews: Looking to Jesus.”

Winter 2018: “Doctrines of Grace.”

Fall-Winter 2017: “Judges: Light in the Darkness.”

Summer 2017:  “The Imperatives of Church Life.”

Spring 2016 – Spring 2017:  “Ephesians: United with Christ.”

Fall – Winter 2015:  “The Angel of the Lord.”

Fall 2014- Summer 2015: “Christ Has Set You Free: The Message of Galatians.”

Winter 2015:  “The Means of Grace.”

Fall 2013-Fall 2014:  “Exodus.”

Late Summer 2013:  “The Love of God.”

Summer 2013:  “Walking By Faith:  Habakkuk.”

Winter – Spring 2013:  “Pursuing True Joy:  Philippians.”

Fall-Winter 2012:  “Life and Death Under the Sun:  Studies in Ecclesiastes.”

Fall 2010-Summer 2012:  “Seeing Jesus: Studies in the Gospel of John.”

Summer 2010: “Know the gospel. Live the gospel. Proclaim the gospel.”