Masterpieces of the Bible Sunday School


The Bible is not only the inerrant Word of God, it is also an amazingly beautiful work of literature.  One of the ways in which the literary qualities of the Bible shine out is in its use of imagery to convey truth. In many cases, these word pictures tell us about God and who He  is.  He tells us that He is the Rock, the Shepherd, Living Water, the Vine, Fire, and the Bread of Life, among many others (think, for instance, of the “I Am” verses in the Gospel of John). Similarly, biblical images describe our relationship to Him – we are His sheep and His bride, for example.  The richness of these literary images extends throughout Scripture, and in our study we will see that they appear in many different contexts. In the process, we will learn more about who God is, who we are, and how we relate to Him and to each other. Join us as we examine some of the more prominent images used by the authors of Scripture to communicate truth about our Living God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Join us for this Sunday School class with Pastor Bob Walton every Sunday starting at 9:45am in the Main Sanctuary.