The Trinity

Augustine said of the Trinity, “in no other subject is error more dangerous, or inquiry more laborious, or the discovery of truth more profitable.”

We may have a tendency so to emphasize the first two cautions as to completely neglect the blessing. The study of the Trinity is hard work that requires careful reading and thinking judiciously and, because we are dealing with the very essence of God, we recognize how absolutely crucial it is to get it right. The temptation may be to leave it to the theologians, and turn our attention to something less difficult or less threatening, but in doing so we miss out on studying the very center of our faith – who God is in his triune majesty: “The Trinity is the highest revelation God has made of Himself to His people. It is the capstone, the summit, the brightest star in the firmament of divine truths” (James White).

The plan for the course is to begin with the biblical testimony to the Trinity, turn to the early church to explore the historical development of the doctrine, and then spend significant time on the biblical implications of the Trinity in areas such as salvation, prayer, worship, and fellowship. Two books will serve as primary guides for our exploration: John Owen, Communion with God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and Michael Reeves, Delighting in the Trinity.

Join us in the fellowship hall each Sunday, starting April 2nd, as Pastor Tom leads our study of the Holy Trinity.