The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

At times viewed as “the Forgotten God,” the Holy Spirit is perhaps the least-known, or the least-understood, member of the Trinity, yet he is central not only to our own regeneration and sanctification, but to the very creation of the universe. Why do we know so little about him? and why are the things we know so controversial?

There are many ways to approach the study of the Spirit of God. A straightforward systematic theology would consider the person and work of the Holy Spirit. A topical approach would seek to answer particular questions: what does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? To be baptized with the Spirit? What are the gifts of the Spirit and are they in operation today? How about the fruit of the Spirit?

This class will seek to understand the Holy Spirit through God’s progressive revelation of himself in the Old Testament. Beginning with the Pentateuch and extending to the Prophets, what does God reveal about his Spirit to his people? Such a biblical theology approach will help to ensure that our understanding of the Spirit is grounded in God’s Word, while at the same time providing a solid foundation for understanding the fuller revelation of the Spirit in the New Testament.

This Sunday School course was taught by Pastor Tom Wisneski during the Spring of 2022.