The Attributes of God

Pastor Bob is currently teaching an adult Sunday school on the Attributes of God. The following is a description of the course:

God has revealed to us much knowledge, in His world, in His Word, and in His Son, but the most important knowledge we can possess is the knowledge of God Himself.  Unless we know Him, we can never understand ourselves or the world in which we live, nor can we appreciate the grace He has given us through His Son. 

In our study, we will learn ways in which God is not like us – He is not an anthropomorphic deity like those worshiped by the Greeks and Romans.  We will also see ways in which He is like us, and in the process come to understand more clearly what it means that we are made in His image while at the same time comprehending the extent to which we have fallen from that image as the result of sin. 

We will also see how God relates to His sinful creatures and how He expects us to relate to Him.  In fact, no aspect of life is untouched by the knowledge of God and its implications, nor can we expect to live the kinds of lives He intended His creatures to live unless we possess that knowledge and commit ourselves to a relationship to the God who has revealed Himself to us.

Please join us in the Main Sanctuary each Sunday from 9:30 am to 10:15 am. The course runs from September 6 through December 27, 2020.

Below are recordings of previous classes so you may re-listen or catch up on ones you missed.

September 6 – Incomprehensibility and Knowability

September 13 – Infinity and Eternality

September 20 – Immutability

September 27 – Omnipotence

October 4 – Omniscience

October 11 – Omnipresence

October 18 – Wisdom

October 25 – Holiness

November 1 – Justice

November 8 – Goodness

November 15 – Truth

November 22 – Love

November 29 – Creator

December 6 – Sustainer

December 13 – Common Grace

December 20- Redeemer – Saving Grace

December 27 – Faithfulness