Parenting for Eternity

One dictionary defines parenting as “the process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood”. However, for Christians, this definition is inadequate. Children are eternal beings with an eternal destiny. The goal of parenting is to aim for eternity and to bring our children to God.  Such a responsibility requires great faith, great courage, great humility, and lots of help from others! Parents need to be reminded of the biblical goals and responsibilities of parenting, but also the great privileges and joys.

This class will seek to teach and apply Biblical principles for raising children and godly families. It will cover the Biblical Foundations, Stages, and Methods of Parenting.  

Resources / Suggested Books:
Gospel-Powered Parenting – William Farley
Purposeful and Persistent Parenting – John and Cindy Raquet

Join us as we search God’s Word for how we can better point our children to the Lord in our parenting. This class will be taught by Pastor Matt Foreman starting on January 9th, meeting every Sunday at 9:45 am in the Fellowship Hall.