Elijah and Elisha

Old Testament prophets were God’s appointed messengers who spoke His words to His people.  Not surprisingly, then, most of them are known by the writings they left behind.  Not all the prophets were writers, however. 

Two of the most influential of the non-writing prophets were Elijah and his protege, Elisha.  Both ministered in the Northern Kingdom during the Divided Monarchy period – a time of great wickedness and apostasy.  Yet God used them to challenge kings and call the people to repentance.  They also performed many miraculous deeds, some of which were later duplicated during the ministry of Jesus to the extent that some of His critics and curiosity-seekers asked Him, “Are you Elijah, or one of the prophets?” 

In studying the lives and deeds of these two great men of God, we will see, not only what it means to stand up for God in a godless society, but also how their faithfulness and mighty deeds pointed to the greatest of all the Prophets.

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