American Church History


Often one hears the claim that America began as a Christian nation.  Others insist that the Founding Fathers were not Christians, but Deists.  What is the truth?  What is the real nature of the nation’s heritage?  How has the country changed from the colonial era through the Revolutionary War, the revivals of the nineteenth century, and the great movements for social reform such as abolitionism and the Temperance Movement?  How did Christians impact both the Revolution and the Civil War?  How did nineteenth-century revivalism contribute to the rise of cults and other bizarre religious groups?  How did the liberal theological movements that originated in Europe influence the churches in the United States?  What was Fundamentalism and how did it originate, develop, and change?  How did the cultural changes of the twentieth century affect the church and how Christians interacted with the surrounding world?  In this course we hope to answer all these questions and more, and in the process see how God preserved His truth and His people through the many challenges they have encountered in the four hundred years since the first colonists arrived in North America.  This is the last of three courses in our series on the history of the Christian Church.

This class will be taught by Pastor Bob Walton starting on April 9th, meeting every Sunday at 9:45am in the Sanctuary.