FRBC Response to the Coronavirus

Sent Tuesday, May 26th:

Please see below a PDF listing guidelines for when the church reopens worship on Sunday, June 7th.

Sent Tuesday, May 12th:

Dear Church,

We are thankful for your prayers and faithfulness during this time of separation. The elders met last night and we are finally ready to share with you some tentative steps and goals for re-opening public meetings…

  • First, the elders are asking the congregation to set aside this Sunday, May 17th, as a Day of Prayer and Fasting, seeking God’s mercy, wisdom, and guidance for this time of global pandemic, and praying that the Gospel would continue to go forward in power, and the Spirit would bring many to Christ. (See the Guide for Prayer and Fasting attached to this email.)
  • On Sunday, May 24th, in our evening Zoom meeting, the elders will present details and explanations about our re-opening process and policies, and will host a time for questions and discussion.
  • Because the governor has extended ‘stay-at-home’ orders through June 4, we are planning to re-open public worship on Sunday, June 7th. (Even though there are legitimate policy disagreements being discussed politically, we think it best to honor the governor’s guidelines, at this point, and not cause any stumbling block in our testimony to others.)
  • When we re-open, it will be a gradual process, and will likely begin with just morning worship. We will continue livestreaming (and Zoom for other meetings) and encourage anyone with concerns to remain at home. More details will be given in the evening meeting of Sunday, May 24th.

If circumstances change, allowing a change in this timeline, we will reconsider. Though we are eager to be back together and be able to worship together, we are trusting God’s providence and believe this is a faithful way forward. If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact a member of the Board.

In Christ,
The Elders