Psalms Sunday School Book 3


Asaph, the Sons of Korah, Heman and Ethan (Ezrahites), and David—what do they all have in common? All are psalmists and all have compositions in Book Three of the Psalms, Psalms 73-89. (David has only one Psalm in this section.)

David, of course, is regarded by scripture as a “man after God’s own heart.” But the hearts of Asaph, Korah, Ethan and Heman exude richness for all of us to use in worship and prayer too.

Unlike a number of the Psalms in Books 1 (1-41) and 2 (42-72), none of these Psalms are linked to specific historic settings. They do emerge from the experiences of the psalmists, for sure. But God has authored them in such a way that they are more easily applied in a wide variety of life situations that his people have.

Allow your heart to soar with worship and love for our Good Shepherd in this class. His life, temptations, sufferings and victories are all depicted in the experiences of these psalmists. We have a Savior who truly is in touch. He has been touched with the feelings of our weaknesses. The hearts of all these writers bear those marks of weakness and lead us to find rest in Him. I hope you enjoy the Lord through this series of meditations.

Join us for this Sunday School class with Pastor Rick Horne every Sunday starting at 9:45am in the Fellowship Hall.