Life & Death Under the Sun: Ecclesiastes Up Close

Does life have meaning and purpose?  In the book of Ecclesiastes, “The Preacher” explores the meaning of life from two perspectives.  If you pursue life “under the sun”, from a secular perspective, without God in a fallen world, there can be no final meaning or satisfaction in life.  Life is vanity and chasing after wind.  But for those who pursue life dependent on God and his grace, God gives joy and meaning and purpose and significance in this world and the next. 

Sermons in the Series:

1.  “Life Under the Sun

2.  “The Backslidding Preacher

3.  “Trusting God in the Seasons of Life

4.  “Trusting God for Judgment and Death

5.  “Contentment, Friendship, and Permanence

6.  “The Futility of Empty Religion

7.  “Discontentment Day

8.  “The Crooked Straight

9.  “Good Theology Helps

10.  “The Bright Face of Wisdom

11.  “Certain in Uncertainty

12.  “Wisdom’s Quiet Victory

13.  “The Practice of Wisdom

14.  “Walking By Faith In All Ages

15.  “The Conclusion of the Matter